Sun Kist Enterprise E-Wallet

Sun Kist E-Wallet allows you to store your money in our branded digital wallet. You can use our digital wallet to purchase any products on our store with ease. We recommend to cash in your money and use our digital wallet so you’ll never go outside or reload your payment medium just to pay your order.

Requirements for Sun Kist Enterprise E-Wallet

You must create your account on our website so you can use our digital wallet. Guest customers are not allowed to use digital wallet. Sign up today!

How to Cash In to Sun Kist Enterprise E-Wallet?

1. Go to your My Account and click / tap My Wallet.
2. Now, look for Wallet topup and click /tap it.
3. Add your desired amount, the minimum amount for cash in / topup is Php 100.
4. You’ll be redirected to the checkout page and fill up the necessary details.
5. Choose your desired payment method.
6. After successful payment you will receive your e-wallet balance on your account.

How to Transfer or Send E-Wallet balance to another user?

1. Go to your My Account and click / tap My Wallet.
2. Look for Wallet transfer and click / tap it.
3. Select a user you want to send your digital wallet balance.
4. Put your desired amount, please keep in mind that the minimum transfer is Php 100.
5. Optionally, you can input the purpose of your digital wallet transfer.
6. After that, click Proceed to transfer button to transfer your balance.

Note: We charge 2% for every balance transfer.

How to Check My E-Wallet Transactions?

1. Go to your My Account and click / tap My Wallet.
2. Look for Transactions and click / tap it.
3. Done, you should see your all transaction with our digital wallet.


For more information about Sun Kist Enterprise E-Wallet please contact us.
Message us on Facebook or email us at [email protected].

SKE E-Wallet is Here!

Branded digital wallet solution for easy checkout and fast transaction with us. Just cash in and you’re ready to go! Store your money so you can use it later for your next online shopping with us.

By using our digital wallet you’re also eligible for future promotions such as cashback program and discounts. Try our digital wallet today!

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