10cm 2 pin JST 2.54mm


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The 10cm 2-Pin JST Connector with a 2.54mm pitch is a wiring and connector assembly commonly used in electronics and electrical applications. This type of connector consists of two components: a male connector and a female connector, each with two pins. They are used to establish a secure electrical connection, typically for power or signal transmission, in a wide range of devices and circuits.

Key Features:

2-Pin Connector: This assembly comprises two connectors – a male connector with two pins and a female connector with two corresponding sockets.

2.54mm Pitch: The pitch (distance between pins) is 2.54mm, which is a standard pitch used in many electronic components and breadboards.

Pre-Attached Wires: The connectors are typically attached to 10cm (100mm) long wires, providing a convenient and flexible connection between components.

Secure Connection: These connectors offer a secure and reliable connection, preventing accidental disconnection.

Color Coding: The connectors might have color-coded insulation or labels to indicate polarity or signal distinction.

Versatile Use: They are suitable for various applications, including power distribution, signal transmission, and sensor connections.

Easy Integration: The connectors can be easily integrated into circuits, components, or devices without the need for soldering.


DIY Electronics Projects: These connectors are commonly used in DIY electronics projects to establish connections between components or modules.

Prototyping: Valuable for breadboarding and prototyping, where temporary and easily adjustable connections are required.

Electronics Repairs: Useful for repairing or replacing connectors in electronic devices, such as toys or gadgets.

Sensor Connections: Often used to connect sensors to microcontrollers or other electronic components.

LED Strips: Applied in lighting projects to connect LED strips and controllers.

Custom Cables: Can be used to create custom cables and wiring harnesses for specific applications.

The 10cm 2-Pin JST Connector with a 2.54mm pitch is a versatile and convenient wiring solution in the world of electronics and electrical connections. Its standardized pitch and pre-attached wires make it a practical choice for prototyping, repairs, and various DIY electronics projects where reliable and adaptable connections are needed.


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