12v worm gear motor JGY-370


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DC motor with a nominal supply voltage of 12 V with a metal worm gear with a ratio of 1: 16. The motor can be supplied with voltage in the range 6-15 V. The rotational speed of the drive without load is 375 rpm. The motor consumes a current of approx. 200 mA without load. At its maximum allowable load, the motor draws approximately 3.5 A and generates a torque of 0,13 kg-cm (0.013 Nm). Weight of the drive unit 165 g.


  • Nominal operating voltage of the motor: 12V (safe operating range: 6-15V)
  • Nominal unloaded motor current: 200 mA
  • Nominal load motor current: 3.5 A
  • Metal gear with a gear ratio: 1: 16
  • “D” shaped shaft
  • Weight: 165 g


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