200k ohms 3296W Potentiometer Blue



A **200k ohms 3296W Potentiometer (Blue)** is an adjustable resistor used to control the electrical resistance in a circuit. Here’s a breakdown of what this specific type of potentiometer represents:

**1. Resistance Value:** The “200k ohms” indicates the resistance value of the potentiometer. It is set to 200,000 ohms, also known as 200 kilohms (kΩ). This value represents the maximum resistance achievable by the potentiometer.

**2. 3296W Series:** The “3296W” is a series or model number. In electronic components, model numbers help identify specific characteristics and features of a component. In this case, the 3296W series is a common type of multiturn cermet potentiometer known for its precision and durability.

**3. Potentiometer Type:** Potentiometers are variable resistors. They have three terminals—two outer terminals and one wiper (or movable) terminal. The wiper terminal’s position determines the resistance between it and one of the outer terminals.

**4. Adjustment Method:** Multiturn potentiometers, like the 3296W series, can be adjusted by rotating a shaft or knob. They provide more precise control and allow for multiple turns to set the resistance value. This is in contrast to single-turn potentiometers, which typically offer one full rotation.

**5. Applications:** Potentiometers are used in various electronic and electrical applications, including volume controls in audio equipment, tuning in radios, setting parameters in electronic circuits, and as variable voltage dividers.

**6. Color (Blue):** The color “blue” typically indicates the physical appearance of the potentiometer, such as the color of the knob or housing. The color can vary based on design and aesthetic preferences.

**7. Precision:** The 3296W series is known for its high precision and stability, making it suitable for applications where accurate resistance control is essential.

**8. Wiring:** The potentiometer is connected to an electrical circuit by attaching wires or leads to its three terminals. The wiper terminal’s position determines the resistance value.

**9. Mounting:** Potentiometers can be panel-mounted or PCB-mounted, depending on the specific application. Panel-mounting involves securing the potentiometer to a control panel or enclosure, while PCB mounting involves soldering it directly to a printed circuit board.

In summary, a **200k ohms 3296W Potentiometer (Blue)** is a precision multiturn potentiometer with a resistance value of 200 kilohms and is suitable for applications that require accurate and stable resistance control. It can be adjusted by rotating a shaft or knob to set the desired resistance value and is commonly used in various electronic circuits and devices.


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