Plug 5.5×2.1 DC Female Cable Wire Connector


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A **5.5×2.1 Plug DC Female Cable Wire Connector** is a common type of electrical connector used to transmit power in various electronic and electrical devices. Let’s break down what this connector represents:

**1. Plug Type:** The “5.5×2.1” refers to the dimensions of the plug, particularly the outer and inner diameters of the plug’s pin and socket. In this case, the outer diameter is 5.5 mm, and the inner diameter is 2.1 mm.

**2. DC (Direct Current):** This connector is designed for DC power applications, as opposed to AC (Alternating Current) applications. It is commonly used for supplying DC power to devices such as laptops, routers, LED lighting, and other electronics.

**3. Female Connector:** This indicates that the connector is designed to receive or accept a male plug. In the context of power connectors, the female connector typically provides power to the male plug when they are mated.

**4. Cable and Wire Connection:** The connector is often attached to the end of a cable or wire, allowing for easy connection and disconnection of power sources or devices. It is commonly used for power distribution and connectivity in electronic systems.

**5. Common Polarity:** The 5.5×2.1 DC connectors are often used for low-voltage DC applications and typically feature a common polarity, meaning that the center pin is positive (+) and the outer ring is negative (-). This standardization simplifies the connection process.

**6. Versatile Use:** These connectors are widely used in various consumer electronics, power adapters, LED lighting, surveillance cameras, and other applications where a secure and reliable DC power connection is required.

**7. Wiring:** The cable or wire connected to this female DC connector can be used to carry DC power from a power source (e.g., an AC-to-DC adapter) to a device that requires power.

**8. Polarity Identification:** When using DC connectors, it’s important to observe polarity to ensure that the positive and negative terminals are correctly aligned to avoid damage to devices.

In summary, a **5.5×2.1 Plug DC Female Cable Wire Connector** is a widely used connector for distributing DC power to various electronic and electrical devices. It features a female connector designed to accept a male plug with a specific pin diameter, making it suitable for applications where a reliable and standardized power connection is essential.


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