5pcs 1k ohms resistor 1/4 watt


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What is a Carbon Resistor?

To make the resistance, a variety of metals and alloys are utilized, including nichrome, brass, platinum, and tungsten. However, when compared to carbon resistors, most of these metals have low electrical resistance since it is difficult to create high resistance without making the resistor bulky. Resistance is known to be exactly proportional to the product of the resistor’s length and resistivity.

Carbon resistors are commonly used to calibrate resistance because they may give a high precision value of resistance. They are inexpensive, small, and maybe directly installed on circuit boards such as those used in tablets, smartphones, and laptop CPUs. Metal wires are more expensive to make than carbon, which is accessible in vast quantities, therefore they are chosen for all of these practical reasons.

Symbol of Carbon Resistor

The most often used symbol for a resistor in electrical and electronic circuit designs is a zig-zag line, with the value of its resistance indicated by the Ohms. Fixed resistors typically have only one resistance value. On the other hand, variable resistors can have an unlimited number of resistances ranging from zero to their maximum value.


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