5pcs 2.2k ohms resistor 1/4watt


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A “5pcs 2.2k ohms Resistor 1/4W” refers to a package containing five individual resistors, each with a resistance of 2.2 kilohms (kΩ) and a power rating of 1/4 watt. Here’s a breakdown of the specifications:

Resistance (R): 2.2 kilohms (kΩ) – This is the electrical resistance of each resistor. Resistors limit the flow of electric current in a circuit.

Power Rating: 1/4 watt – This indicates the maximum power the resistor can dissipate without overheating or being damaged. In this case, each resistor is designed to handle up to 1/4 watt of power.

The “5pcs” in the description indicates that the package includes five resistors. Having multiple resistors in a package is useful for projects requiring several identical resistors or for building circuits with redundancy.

These resistors are likely to be carbon film resistors, given the power rating. Carbon film resistors are commonly used in various electronic applications. The 1/4 watt power rating is suitable for applications where a low to moderate amount of power dissipation is expected.

When using resistors in circuits, it’s crucial to adhere to their specified resistance values and power ratings to ensure proper functionality and prevent damage to the components. The 2.2k ohms resistance value determines the amount of current that will flow through the resistor when a voltage is applied.