74ls00 DIP IC


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74LS00 is a member of the 74XXYY IC series. The 74LS00 is a TTL (Transistor to Transistor Logic) which uses low power Shottky transistors to reduce the stored charge and get higher switching speeds than with conventional bipolar transistors. 74LS00 is a 14 pin IC that has four NAND gates each NAND gate has two inputs & one output.


In Digital Electronics NAND Gate is the logic gate which produces an output High (1) when all of its input are LOW (0).

74LS00 Features and Specifications

  • Operating voltage range: +4.75 to +5.25V
  • Maximum supply voltage:7V
  • Maximum current allowed to draw through each gate output: 8mA
  • TTL outputs
  • Maximum ESD: 3.5KV
  • Typical Rise Time: 15ns
  • Typical Fall Time: 15ns
  • Operating temperature:0°C  to 75°C


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