74ls83 DIP IC


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The 74LS83 is a high-speed 4-Bit binary Full Adder with an internal carry lookahead. It accepts two 4-bit binary words (A1–A4, B1–B4) and a Carry Input (C0). It generates the binary Sum outputs (R1–R4) and the Carry Output (C4) from the most significant bit. The output of the IC always comes in TTL which makes it easy to work with other TTL devices and microcontrollers. The IC 74LS83 is smaller in size and it has a much faster speed which makes it reliable in every kind of device.

74LS83 Features & Specifications

  • Nominal Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Maximum Operating Voltage: 5.5V
  • Output Propagation delay: 16nS
  • Maximum Input Low Voltage: 0.8V
  • Minimum Input High Voltage: 2V
  • Available in 16-pin PDIP, CDIP,SOIC, TSSOP packages


  • High-Speed Arithmetic operations
  • Miniature calculators
  • Counters
  •  Simple logic control designs


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