AMS1117 5v 2pcs


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The AMS1118 is a family of voltage regulators designed to provide a stable, regulated output voltage. The “AMS1118 5V” refers to a specific model within this family, which is designed to provide a regulated 5-volt output voltage. Here are the key features and details of the AMS1118 5V voltage regulator:

1. **Voltage Regulation:** The primary function of the AMS1118 5V is to regulate an input voltage to a constant and stable 5 volts. This makes it suitable for powering electronics and microcontroller projects.

2. **Output Current:** The maximum output current that the AMS1118 5V can provide depends on the specific model and package. Common models are available in different current ratings, such as 1A, 1.5A, or higher. The actual output current may be limited by factors such as the package’s thermal capabilities.

3. **Input Voltage Range:** The input voltage range of the AMS1118 5V typically extends from a few volts above the desired output voltage (approximately 6.5V to 12V or more, depending on the model) down to a minimum voltage required for proper regulation.

4. **Low Dropout:** The “dropout voltage” is the minimum voltage difference between the input and output for the regulator to operate properly. The AMS1118 typically has a low dropout voltage, meaning it can regulate the output voltage even when the input voltage is only slightly higher than 5V.

5. **Low Output Noise:** The voltage regulator is designed to minimize output voltage noise, making it suitable for sensitive applications.

6. **Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection:** Many models of the AMS1118 include overcurrent and overtemperature protection to prevent damage to the regulator and the connected circuit.

7. **TO-220 and SOT-223 Packages:** The AMS1118 is available in different package options, such as TO-220 and SOT-223. These packages have different characteristics, thermal properties, and physical sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your application.

8. **Adjustable Versions:** Some variants of the AMS1118 can be used as adjustable voltage regulators, allowing you to set the output voltage to a value other than 5V with the use of external resistors.

9. **Applications:** The AMS1118 5V is commonly used in various electronic projects, including powering microcontrollers, sensors, and other digital and analog devices.

10. **Heat Dissipation:** Depending on the specific model and the load current, the voltage regulator may generate some heat. Adequate heat sinking or cooling may be necessary to ensure proper operation, especially when supplying higher currents.

The AMS1118 5V voltage regulator is a versatile component commonly used to provide a stable 5V power supply in a wide range of electronic projects, making it a valuable part of the toolkit for electronics enthusiasts and engineers.


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