Battery Holder 18649 Type A 1 #902


Battery Holder 18649 Type A 1

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The “Battery Holder 18649 Type A 1” appears to be a specific type of battery holder designed to accommodate a single 18649 battery. Here’s a breakdown of the information:

1. **Battery Holder**: This refers to the device used to hold and secure the battery in place, allowing for easy electrical connections to be made. In this case, it’s designed for a specific battery type.

2. **18649**: The “18649” likely specifies the type or size of battery that this holder is meant for. In this context, “18649” might be a battery format or model number. It is essential to match the battery holder to the specific battery size and type to ensure a proper fit.

3. **Type A 1**: The “Type A 1” may refer to the design or style of the battery holder. Battery holders come in various styles, which might include different methods of securing the battery, terminal types, and overall form factors.

This specific battery holder is meant for a single 18649 battery, which implies that it’s designed for applications that require this particular battery size. 18649 batteries are a less common lithium-ion battery size compared to more standard sizes like 18650 batteries, so finding the correct holder for them is important for proper electrical connections and device compatibility.

When using battery holders, always ensure that you choose a holder that is specifically designed for the size and type of battery you intend to use. Additionally, check the polarity markings to ensure you insert the battery correctly, as polarity can vary depending on the design of the holder.


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