Battery Holder 2 Type C #899


Battery Holder 2 Type C

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A “Battery Holder 2 Type C” typically refers to a specific type of battery holder designed to hold and secure two batteries of a specific type. Here’s a breakdown of the information:

1. **Battery Holder**: This is the device designed to hold and secure batteries while providing electrical connections for them. It’s a convenient and safe way to incorporate batteries into electronic projects.

2. **2**: The “2” indicates that this particular battery holder is designed to hold and connect two batteries simultaneously.

3. **Type C**: “Type C” is likely a reference to a specific design or variant of the battery holder. Different types or styles of battery holders may have varying mechanisms for holding the batteries and different overall form factors.

The “Type C” designation could be a specific design or model identifier. The actual type of battery that this holder accommodates would depend on the manufacturer’s specifications and design, which might vary. It’s essential to ensure that the type of batteries you plan to use matches the design and specifications of the battery holder.

When using a battery holder, make sure to insert the batteries correctly, observing any polarity markings if provided, and follow safety guidelines for handling and using batteries to avoid potential issues.


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