Capacitive Proximity Sensor


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Product Description
Model No.: LJC18A3-B-Z/BY
Current Type: DC
Operating Form: PNP
Contact Form: NO
Proximity switch, also known as contactless proximity switch, is an ideal electronic on-off sensor. It has sensing performance, reliable action, stable performance and fast frequency response. Shockproof, corrosion resistance, strong anti-interference capability. Non-contact detection, does not affect the operating conditions of the measured object. Sealed structure, good moisture and dust resistance, strong work reliability. No mechanical wear and fatigue damage, long working life. Widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, chemical, textile and printing industries.
Material: brass plated nickel shell, ABS detection surface
Weight: 111g/3.9oz
Detection distance: 10mm ±10%
Set distance: 0-8mm
Lag distance: less than 10% of the detection distance
Detection object: any dielectric substance
Standard test object: iron SPCC 50*50*1mm
Response frequency: DC:0.5kHz AC:25Hz
Power supply voltage: DC 12-24V (6-36V) ripple (p-p) less than 10% (DC type)
Withstand voltage: AC1000V 50/60Hz 1min between the charging part and the shell
Voltage influence: within the rated power supply voltage range of ±15%, within the detection range of ±10% when it is the rated power supply
voltage value
Current consumption:
N.P type: below 13mA
D type: below 0.8mA
A type: below 1.7mA
Control output:
N.P type: below 300mA
D type: below 200mA
A type: below 400mA
Circuit protection:
N.P.D type: reverse connection protection, surge absorption, load short circuit protection
A Type: surge absorption
Ambient temperature: each – 30 to + 65 ℃ action and save
Ambient humidity: 35-95% RH each (no ice, no frost) action and save
Temperature influence:
Temperature range -30 to + 65 ℃ , +23 ℃, ± 15% detection distance;
Temperature range -25 to + 60 ℃, +23 ℃, ± 10% detection distance.
Insulation resistance: more than 50mΩ (DC500 megger) charge between parts and the shell


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