Ceramic Capacitor 104 ohms



It appears there might be a slight misunderstanding in the description. “Ceramic Capacitor 104 ohms” is a mix of terminology, and it’s important to clarify the specifications:

1. **Ceramic Capacitor:** A ceramic capacitor is an electronic component used for storing and releasing electrical energy. These capacitors use a ceramic material as the dielectric, which separates the conductive plates inside the capacitor.

2. **104:** The “104” is typically a code used to represent the capacitance value of a ceramic capacitor. In the case of “104,” it usually means the capacitor has a capacitance of 10 x 10^4 picoFarads (pF), which is equivalent to 100,000 pF or 0.1 microFarads (uF). In numerical form, it is written as 0.1uF.

3. **Ohms:** Ohms (Ω) is the unit of resistance, not capacitance. The mention of “ohms” in this context is incorrect when describing a ceramic capacitor.

So, if you’re looking for “5pcs Ceramic Capacitor 104,” you are likely searching for a package of five ceramic capacitors, each with a capacitance of 0.1 microFarads (0.1uF). The “104” is a common code used to specify this capacitance value.


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