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CP2102 USB TO TTL USB TO serial port module UART STC downloader
Fact (very important) :
TXD: sending end, generally represented as its own sending end, normal communication must be connected to the RXD of another device.
RXD: the receiving end, which is usually represented as its own receiving end. In normal communication, it must connect to the TXD of another device.
Normal communication when the TXD itself is always connected to the device RXD!
Self income: Normal communication TXD RXD connect other devices, so if you want to receive their data, as the name implies, is receiving themselves to send data, is directly connected to the RXD TXD itself, that is, itself, used to test whether the sending and receiving of normal is fast and simple test method, when a problem first do this test to determine whether the product failure. Also called loopback test.
Level logic:
TTL level: Data representation is usually binary. It is stipulated that +5V is equivalent to logical “1” and 0V is equivalent to logical “0”. This is called TTL signal system and is positive logic
RS232 level: -12v to -3V, equivalent to logic “0”, +3V to +12V logic level, equivalent to logic “1”, is negative logic
Product description:
1. The main chip is CP2102, and the virtual serial port is generated after the driver is installed
2, USB power, the outlet port includes 3.3V (<40mA), 5V, GND, TX, RX, signal pin level is 3.3V, positive logic
3, onboard state indicator, transceiver indicator, the correct installation of the driver after the state indicator light will be steady on, transceiver indicator in communication will blink, the higher the baud rate, the lower the brightness
4, support from 300bps to 1Mbps baud rate
5, communication format support: 1) 5,6,7,8 data bits; 2) support 1,1.5,2 stop bits; 3) odd,even,mark,space,none
6. Supported operating system: Windows Vista/XP/Server 2003/200,Mac OS-X/OS-9,Linux
7, USB head for the male head, can be directly connected to the COMPUTER USB port
8. SMT components are produced by SMT process with stable quality
9, without USB head volume :(mm)


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