data cable for pro micro and leonardo #851


data cable for pro micro and leonardo

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The “Pro Micro” and “Leonardo” are both Arduino-compatible microcontroller development boards. To connect these boards to a computer or other devices, you would typically use a USB data cable. The specific type of USB cable needed for these boards is a **Micro-USB to USB-A** cable. Here’s what you need to know:

1. **Micro-USB:** The Pro Micro and Leonardo boards are equipped with a Micro-USB (Type-B) port. To connect them to your computer or other devices, you will need a Micro-USB cable.

2. **USB-A:** The other end of the cable should have a USB-A connector. This is the standard USB connector that plugs into your computer’s USB port or into a USB hub.

3. **Cable Length:** USB cables come in various lengths, typically ranging from a few inches to several feet (or meters). The length you choose depends on your specific needs and the distance between your development board and the USB port on your computer.

4. **Data Transfer:** Micro-USB to USB-A cables are not only used for power but also for data transfer. You can use them to upload code to your microcontroller, communicate with it, and even power the board.

5. **Quality:** It’s advisable to use a good-quality cable to ensure reliable data transfer and power supply. Poor-quality cables may lead to connection issues and unreliable communication with your board.

6. **Shielded Cables:** In some cases, especially for longer cable runs or in environments with electromagnetic interference, you might consider using shielded USB cables to minimize data transfer issues.

When selecting a USB cable for your Pro Micro or Leonardo board, ensure that it has a Micro-USB Type-B connector on one end and a USB-A connector on the other end. This type of cable is widely available and can be used for various USB devices.


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