12v DC Motor RF-500TB-12560


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The RF-500TB-12560 is a small and versatile 12V DC motor, typically used in various applications, including consumer electronics, robotics, and automotive systems. Here’s a brief description of the RF-500TB-12560 DC motor:

Key Features:

Voltage Rating: The motor is designed to operate efficiently at a voltage of 12 volts DC, making it suitable for applications with standard 12V power sources.

Compact Size: Its small and compact form factor allows for easy integration into tight spaces, making it a popular choice for projects with limited room for components.

Quiet Operation: The RF-500TB-12560 is known for its relatively quiet operation, which is essential for applications where noise is a concern.

High RPM: This motor is capable of achieving high revolutions per minute (RPM), which makes it suitable for applications requiring fast rotation.

Directional Control: It can be easily controlled for both forward and reverse rotations, allowing for versatility in various applications.

Longevity: With proper care and usage, this motor can provide a long service life, making it a durable choice for projects.

D-Shaped Shaft: The motor typically features a D-shaped shaft, which makes it compatible with a wide range of couplers, wheels, and attachments.


Robotics: Used for wheel and movement control in small robotic platforms.
Automotive Systems: Found in automotive accessories and mechanisms.
Consumer Electronics: Used in devices like DVD players, camera lenses, and small appliances.
DIY Projects: Ideal for hobbyists and makers looking for a compact and reliable DC motor for various applications.
The RF-500TB-12560 12V DC motor is a versatile and reliable choice for projects that require a compact and efficient motor. Its compatibility with standard 12V power sources and suitability for both forward and reverse motion make it a popular component in the world of electronics and robotics.


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