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FS90R 360 Degree

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The **FS90R 360 Degree** is a type of servo motor designed to provide continuous rotation over a full 360-degree range. Unlike standard servos that have a limited range of motion typically around 180 degrees, continuous rotation servos like the FS90R can rotate continuously in either direction. Here are some key details about the FS90R 360 Degree servo:

1. **Continuous Rotation:** The primary feature of the FS90R 360 Degree servo is its ability to rotate continuously in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions. This makes it suitable for applications that require continuous motion, such as driving wheels on a robot or controlling a conveyor belt.

2. **Speed and Direction Control:** The FS90R servo can be controlled by varying the pulse width of the input signal it receives. A pulse width near the center position typically stops the servo, while pulses shorter or longer than the center position rotate the servo in one direction or the other at different speeds.

3. **Standard Servo Size:** The FS90R servo is typically of a standard size similar to traditional 180-degree servos, making it easy to replace standard servos in existing applications.

4. **Mounting and Compatibility:** It often comes with standard mounting holes and accessories, making it compatible with a wide range of robotic and electronic projects.

5. **Voltage and Current:** The operating voltage for the FS90R servo is typically in the range of 4.8V to 6V, and the current consumption depends on the load and the speed at which it is operated.

6. **Applications:** Continuous rotation servos like the FS90R are commonly used in robotics, model cars, drones, and various other applications where precise control of continuous motion is required.

7. **Programming:** To control the FS90R servo, you typically send it pulse-width modulation (PWM) signals from a microcontroller, such as an Arduino. The specific pulse widths to achieve different speeds and directions may vary between models, so consulting the servo’s datasheet or documentation is recommended.

8. **Feedback:** Unlike standard servos with feedback for position control, continuous rotation servos like the FS90R do not provide feedback on their position, as they are designed for continuous rotation without a specific endpoint.

Continuous rotation servos like the FS90R are valuable components in the field of robotics, automation, and other applications where controlled continuous motion is needed. They offer a convenient way to drive wheels, gears, or other mechanisms in various projects, providing a simple and compact solution for continuous rotation.


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