HB9500-9.5-6P / HB9500 9.5mm 6Pin Barrier Terminal Block with cover



The HB9500-9.5-6P, also referred to as HB9500, is a type of barrier terminal block used for connecting and securing electrical wires or conductors in various electronic and electrical applications. Here’s a description of its key features and functions:

**1. Barrier Terminal Block:** A terminal block is a connector that allows for secure and organized connections of electrical wires. The “barrier” design in this terminal block means that there is a physical barrier or insulating material separating adjacent terminals, which prevents electrical contact between them.

**2. 9.5mm Pitch:** The “9.5mm” pitch indicates the center-to-center spacing between adjacent terminals on the terminal block. This specification defines the maximum width of the wires or conductors that can be accommodated by the terminal block.

**3. 6 Pins:** The “6P” designation signifies that this specific terminal block has six individual connection points or pins. Each pin allows you to connect one electrical wire or conductor.

**4. Terminal Cover:** Many terminal blocks, including the HB9500, come with a cover or housing. This cover serves multiple purposes, including providing electrical insulation, protecting against accidental contact, and improving the overall safety of the connections.

**5. Wire Termination:** The terminal block is designed for wire termination. You can secure the wires in place by tightening screws or clamps associated with each terminal. This provides a reliable and mechanically secure connection.

**6. Wiring Versatility:** Barrier terminal blocks are used for various applications, including power distribution, signal connections, and control circuitry. They are found in control panels, industrial machinery, electrical enclosures, and more.

**7. Secure and Reusable:** Terminal blocks allow for secure and reusable connections, making them suitable for situations where you may need to connect and disconnect wires frequently.

**8. Multiple Wires:** Each terminal can accommodate one wire, but multiple wires can be connected to the same terminal using wire splicing or connectors, making it possible to create branching connections.

**9. Versatile Applications:** Barrier terminal blocks are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, automation, and electrical engineering. They are used in applications where it is essential to organize and manage multiple electrical connections efficiently.

**10. Maintenance and Troubleshooting:** The barrier design and the ability to easily disconnect and reconnect wires make these terminal blocks valuable for maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

**11. Electrical Safety:** The terminal block’s insulating cover enhances electrical safety by preventing accidental contact with live conductors and reducing the risk of short circuits.

In summary, the HB9500-9.5-6P (HB9500) is a barrier terminal block with a 9.5mm pitch and six pins, used for secure and organized electrical connections in various applications. It provides a safe and reliable means of connecting wires, with the added benefit of an insulating cover for enhanced electrical safety.


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