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The L293D is a popular motor driver integrated circuit (IC) that is commonly used to control the direction and speed of DC motors. It’s known for its ability to drive two separate DC motors in both forward and reverse directions. When you refer to the “L293D IC only,” it typically means that you are looking for the L293D IC without any additional components or hardware. Here’s some key information about the L293D IC:

1. **Function:** The L293D is an H-bridge motor driver IC. It can control the speed and direction of two separate DC motors independently. It’s widely used in robotics, automation, and various electronic projects that involve motor control.

2. **H-Bridge Configuration:** The L293D features two H-bridges, each of which consists of four transistors. This configuration allows the IC to control the polarity and speed of the connected motors.

3. **Motor Voltage:** The L293D is designed to work with a wide range of motor voltages, typically in the range of 4.5V to 36V, making it versatile for various motor types and applications.

4. **Motor Current:** The IC can handle a current of up to 600mA per motor channel (1.2A peak) when powered using an external power supply. When using the built-in voltage regulator of the L293D, the current capacity may be lower.

5. **Control Logic:** It accepts control signals from a microcontroller or other digital logic devices to control the motors’ direction and speed.

6. **Built-in Free-Wheeling Diodes:** The L293D includes built-in free-wheeling diodes to protect against back electromotive force (EMF) generated by the motors when they are turned off.

7. **Over-Temperature Protection:** Some variants of the L293D include over-temperature protection, which can shut down the IC if it exceeds a certain temperature.

8. **Package Type:** The L293D is available in different package types, including DIP (Dual In-line Package) and surface-mount options. The specific package type you choose may depend on your project’s requirements.

When using the L293D IC, you’ll need to provide external components, such as capacitors and resistors, to complete the motor driver circuit. The IC datasheet provides detailed information on the pinout, electrical characteristics, and typical application circuits to guide you in using the L293D effectively for your motor control needs.

Please note that if you’re looking for the L293D IC only, you may still need to source additional components, such as capacitors and resistors, separately to build a complete motor control circuit based on your project’s requirements.


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