Insulated Ring Type Lugs Black RV3. 5-5



**Insulated Ring Type Lugs (RV3.5-5), Black** are electrical connectors designed for making secure and insulated electrical connections in various applications. Here’s a breakdown of what this specific type of lug represents:

**1. Insulated Ring Type Lugs:** These are ring-shaped connectors that are used to terminate wires or cables. The ring shape allows for easy attachment to a screw or stud on a terminal block, electrical panel, or other electrical equipment.

**2. RV3.5-5:** This alphanumeric code provides specific information about the lug’s characteristics:
– “RV” typically indicates the series or type of lug.
– “3.5” represents the wire gauge size that the lug is designed to accommodate. In this case, it’s suitable for wires with a cross-sectional area or gauge size of 3.5 mm².
– “5” indicates the lug’s stud hole size. It’s designed to fit a screw or stud with a 5 mm diameter.

**3. Black Color:** The “Black” color is the color of the insulation on the lug. Different colors are often used to code or identify the purpose of the lugs or the wires to which they are attached. In this case, black may be used for general-purpose connections.

**4. Insulation:** The insulation on these lugs serves two purposes: it provides electrical insulation to prevent short circuits, and it can also offer some degree of protection against environmental factors like moisture and dust.

**5. Wire Termination:** These ring lugs are crimped or soldered to the ends of electrical wires. Once attached, they can be easily secured to a terminal or stud with a screw or bolt.

**6. Electrical Connections:** The ring lug provides a secure and mechanically stable connection, which is important in preventing loose or intermittent connections in electrical systems.

**7. Wire Gauge:** It’s important to use a lug that matches the wire gauge or cross-sectional area of the wire being connected. Using the appropriate size ensures a reliable and safe electrical connection.

**8. Application:** These lugs are used in a wide range of applications, including power distribution panels, control panels, electrical cabinets, automotive wiring, and various industrial and electrical projects.

**9. Electrical Safety:** Proper installation of ring lugs is crucial for electrical safety and reliability. The lugs must be securely attached to the wire, and the wire lug should be correctly torqued onto the terminal to ensure a low-resistance connection.

In summary, **Insulated Ring Type Lugs (RV3.5-5), Black** are electrical connectors with a 3.5 mm² wire gauge size and a 5 mm stud hole size. They are commonly used for secure, insulated electrical connections in various applications, and the black insulation helps to differentiate them or indicate their use. Proper installation and matching to wire gauge are essential for electrical safety and reliability.


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