IR Sensor Module


use as infrared sensor, obstacle avoidance robot, adjustable range

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1. When there is no obstacle signal in front of the module, the OUT port will output high level (5V) continuously. When the module detects the front obstacle signal, the green indicator on the circuit board will light and the OUT port will continue to output low (0V) signal, the module detects the distance of 2 ~ 30cm, detection angle of 35 °, the detection distance can be adjusted by potentiometer, clockwise potentiometer, the detection distance increases; counterclockwise potentiometer to reduce the detection distance.

2. Sensor active infrared reflection detection, so the target’s reflectivity and shape is the key to detecting the distance. One black detection range of the smallest, white maximum; small area of object distance, large area distance.

3. Sensor module output port OUT can be directly connected with the microcontroller IO port can also directly drive a 5V relay; Connection: VCC-VCC; GND-GND; OUT-IO

4, the comparator with LM393, stable.

5, can be used 3.3V-5V DC power supply module. When the power is turned on, the red power indicator light;

Instructions for use:

1.VCC external 3.3V-5V voltage (can be directly connected with the 5v microcontroller or 3.3v single-chip)

2.GND external GND

3. OUT small board digital output interface (0 and 1)

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Weight 3.42 g
Dimensions 45.5 × 14.1 × 8.5 mm


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