JSN-SR04T Ultrasonic Sensor


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Electrical properties
1.Electrical parameters:  JSN-SR04T
2.Operating voltage:  DC 5V
3.Quiescent current:  5mA
4.Total current work:  30mA
5.Acoustic emission frequency:  40khz
6.Farthest distance:  4.5m
7.Blind: 25cm
8.Wiring:   + 5V (positive power supply)
                Trig (control side) RX
                 Echo (the receiver) TX
                GND (negative)
9.Resolution:  about 0.5cm
10.Angle:  less than 50 degrees
11.Working temperature:  -10 ~ 70 Celsuis
12.Storage temperature:  -20 ~ 80 Celsuis
Product Features
1.Small size, easy to use
2.Low voltage, low power consumption
3.High accuracy
4.Strong anti-jamming
5.Integrated with wire enclosed waterproof probe, suitable for wet, harsh measurement occasions
1.Horizontal distance;
2.Obstacle avoidance, automatic control;
3.The object approaches, there is a perceived
4.Traffic control;
5.Security, industrial control;
6.Artificial intelligence, and research


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