LCD 20×4 Blue with i2c #932


LCD 20×4 Blue with i2c

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An “LCD 20×4 Blue with I2C” refers to a specific type of alphanumeric display module with a 20×4 character configuration (20 characters in each of the 4 rows) that features a blue backlight and is equipped with an I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) interface. This kind of display is often used in various electronics and microcontroller projects for presenting information or status messages in a human-readable format. Here are the key details:

1. **LCD Display**: The “20×4” specification means that the LCD screen can display up to 20 characters in each of the 4 rows. This provides a total of 80 character positions for showing text or symbols.

2. **Blue Backlight**: The “Blue” indicates the color of the backlight for the LCD. In this case, it has a blue backlight, which can provide a visually appealing and distinctive appearance.

3. **I2C Interface**: The inclusion of an I2C interface means that the display module can be easily controlled and interfaced with a microcontroller or other devices using the I2C communication protocol. The I2C interface simplifies the wiring and reduces the number of pins required for connection.

4. **Character Display**: The LCD can display alphanumeric characters, symbols, and custom characters, making it suitable for showing data, messages, and status information.

5. **Contrast Adjustment**: Some of these displays include a potentiometer for adjusting the contrast of the characters on the screen.

6. **Compatibility**: These displays are often used with microcontroller platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and others. Libraries and code examples are readily available to facilitate their use.

7. **Applications**: LCD 20×4 displays are commonly used in various applications, including DIY electronics projects, information displays, data logging, instrumentation, and more.

When using an LCD 20×4 Blue with I2C, you’ll typically need to install the relevant libraries and write code to display the information you want. The I2C interface simplifies the connection process, as it typically requires just two wires for communication (SDA and SCL) in addition to power connections. These displays are versatile and widely used in electronics and microcontroller-based projects for providing user-friendly feedback and data presentation.


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