LCD 20×4 Green


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Model No.: SLC2004A
Product Type: Character LCD Module
Brand: Surenoo
Display Format: 20*04 Characters
Interface: 6800 4-bit Parallel, 6800 8-bit Parallel
IC or Equivalent: AIP31066, HD44780, KS0066 , SPLC780 , ST7066
Font: English-Japanese, English-Russian, English-European
Outline Dimension:
A1: 98.00(W)x60.00(H)x13.00(T)mm
A2: 116.00(W)x40.00(H)x13.70(T)mm
Visual Area: 77.00×25.20mm
Active Area: 70.36×20.44mm
Viewing Direction: 6:00
IC Package: COB
Power Supply(Typ): 5.0V


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