LED P10 Red 32×17 #893


LED P10 Red 32×17

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The description “LED P10 Red 32×17” likely refers to an LED display module with specific characteristics. Let’s break down the information:

1. **LED**: This indicates that the display is made up of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). LED displays are commonly used for various applications, including outdoor signs, information boards, and digital advertising.

2. **P10**: “P10” represents the pitch or pixel pitch of the LED display. It defines the distance between the centers of adjacent LEDs on the display. In this case, “P10” suggests that the pixel pitch is 10 millimeters.

3. **Red**: This specifies the color of the LEDs used in the display. In this case, the LEDs emit red light.

4. **32×17**: These numbers refer to the dimensions or resolution of the LED display. “32×17” indicates that the display has 32 pixels in the horizontal (width) direction and 17 pixels in the vertical (height) direction. This resolution is useful for understanding the size and aspect ratio of the display.

This type of LED display module could be used for various applications, including outdoor signs, scoreboards, information displays, and more. The specific application and configuration will depend on your project requirements. Note that LED displays often require special driving circuitry to control the individual LEDs and display content.


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