LM2596 with Display


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LM2596S LED Voltmeter ADJ DC – DC Step-down Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Module With Digital Display


This module can be applied to fields in the input voltage is higher than the step-down output voltage, such as batteries, power transformers, DIY adjustable power supply, 24V Car T of the power equipment industry buck, 12V switch 3.3V, 12V switch 5V, 24V switch 5V, 24V switch 12V, 36V 24V turn and so on.


Product size: 66mm * 36mm* 14mm  (l x w x h)
Colours:Blue        Package Weight: :23g/pcs
Materials: FR4 + electronic components

Name: LM2596ADJ DC – DC Step-down power Module ( Step Down Adjustable With Digital Display Screen)


· With a voltage meter and voltmeter displays self-calibration. Uses a more advanced microprocessor voltage voltmeter error ± 0.05V, Range 0 ~ 40V. (To ensure accuracy voltmeter, make sure the input voltage of 4.5V and above)
· Touch of a button to switch the input or output voltage measurements and has a light show which is being measured voltages, and save the settings, even the power off and then on.
· Input Voltage 4.5~ 40V. (Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage of 1.5v or more)
· Adjustable output voltage range of 1.25V ~ 37V continuously adjustable. (Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage of 1.5V)
· Output current 3A, recommendations within 2.0A use, high current needed to enhance heat dissipation.
· Output power 20W, 15W, please enhance heat dissipation over.
· High conversion efficiency, on average 88% (efficiency and the input and output voltage, current, pressure related)
· With reverse polarity protection, reverse polarity does not burn


· Onboard voltage table shows the output voltage, long press on the right button for 2 seconds after the release, voltmeter and the output voltage indicator “OUT” synchronous flashing, this time into an output voltage adjustment mode; Similarly, the voltmeter shows when the input voltage, long press the Right button 2 seconds after the release, voltmeter and an input voltage indicator “IN” synchronous flashing, then enter the adjustment mode input voltage;
· Touch the right side of the button, the voltage increases one unit, touch the left button, voltage reduction unit; because the voltage is less than the value of a unit of 0.1V, so you need to press the 1-5 times in a row to see the voltmeter change of 0.1V, concrete continuous button several times depending on the voltage value currently displayed, the current display higher the voltage, the fewer the number of presses;
· When the voltage is adjusted, long press on the right button for 2 seconds after the release, then you can exit the voltage calibration mode, all parameters set to automatically power down to save.
· Note: this way you only need to adjust the calibration once to get precise voltage values over the entire voltage range, this feature is designed to meet your requirements and design a higher accuracy, ease of use.


 1.When the module output voltage can not be adjusted, the output  voltage is always equal to the input voltage.Please adjust the potentiometer counterclockwise 20 laps or more. (Let potentiometer against your chest, counterclockwise turn boost) .
2. Input voltage must be higher than the output voltage of 1.5v or more
3. high current or high power needed to enhance heat dissipation


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