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Product parameters:

Product Name: lm317 adjustable power supply module
Dimensions: 53.0mm * 22.0mm * 14.80mm
 Product Weight: 16.53g (packaging)
Packing: a single module static bag material: FR4 + electronic yuan
1. Output Current: 1.5A (minimum), 2.2A (typ)
2. The input and output voltage difference (VI-VO): 40Vdc (max)
3. The adjustable output voltage range: 1.2 ~ 37V
4. Operating temperature: -55 ° C to + 150 ° C
5. Current output: 1.5A
6. Voltage Input: 4.2 ~ 40 V
7. Working temperature: 0 ° C ~ 125 ° C
8. Characteristics Frequency: 100 (MHz)
Input: VIN positive input stage, GND negative input
Output: VOUT output positive level, GND output negative
Maximum output current: maximum output current = 3 / (Input voltage – output voltage)
Input voltage: 4.5V-40V (OUR Found maximum limit of up to 40V),
Adjustment method: first the right then the input power supply (between 4.5V-40V), then a multimeter to monitor the output voltage and adjust potentiometer (usually clockwise turn boost, buck turn counterclockwise)
Tips: When adjusting the voltage, please note tune when no load voltage required for good
Disclaimer: This module output power is limited to the module itself with a carrying capacity is also affected by many factors before and after the class level power load, etc; the following data for professional equipment measured results, without considering other factors.
Power module is a kind of electronic components, electronic expertise who see no clear information to consider buying.
Application examples:
1) Adjustable three terminal regulator module can replace 7805,7806,7809,7812,7824 and all three off regulator module
2) vehicle-mounted power supply, only need to enter this module termination point the car cigarette power supply, you can adjust the potentiometer, the output voltage can be adjusted to allow you your cell phone, MP3 at 1.25V-30V, MP4, many devices powered PSP charging, very easy oh.
3) In order to power your electronic devices when your device needs power when 1.25-60V, but your hands now only 12V or 24V battery, this module can directly use our buck 1.25-30V, solve your problems .
4). Preamp power supply system, when you do a project when you need to input supply voltage drops below a voltage (1.25V-30V) when the module will be your best choice.
1. Know the buyer because it is linear, so the efficiency is not high, in order to improve efficiency, the best there is 3V input and output of pressure but the biggest difference between the input and the output voltage should not exceed 30V, namely: input – output ≤30V, it will be very easy to burn module.
2. Because it is a linear step-down DC-DC circuit, so the input voltage needs to be higher than the output voltage of 3V or more pressure in order to ensure stable output voltage.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 36 × 17 × 10 mm


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