Load Cell 100kg



Rated Capacities 100(kg)
Rated Output 2.0mV/V± 5% ±0.200mV/V
Accuracy class OIML C3
Maximum number of load cell interval (max) 3000
Minimum number of load cell interval(V main) Emax/7000
Non-Linearity 0.02%R.O 0.017%R.O.
Hysteresis 0.02%R.O. 0.017%R.O.
30mins Creep 0.02%R.O. 0.017%R.O.
30mins Return 0.02%R.O. 0.017%R.O.
Safe Overload 150% R.O. 150% R.O.
Ultimate Overload 200%R.O. 200%R.O.
Temperature Effect on Output 0.002%R.O./C 0.002%R.O./C
Temperature Effect on Zero 0.002%R.O./C 0.002%R.O./C
Input Impedance 410±15 Ω: 390±15 Ω 410±15 Ω
Output Impedance 350±5 Ω 350±5 Ω
Insulation Impedance >5000 M Ω/(50VDC) >5000 M Ω/(50VDC)
Recommended Excitation 5~12 VDC 5~12 VDC
Maximum Excitation 15 VDC 15 VDC
Operating Temperature Range -20-60 C -20-60 C
Construction Aluminum Alloy / Steel alloy Aluminum Alloy
Protection Class IP66/IP67 IP66/IP67 Cable Ø5x2m Ø5x2m
Recommended Platform Size 600×600 mm: 600×800 mm 600×600 mm: 600×800 mm
Mode of Connection Red (EXC) Black (EXC) Green(SIG+) White (SIG+)


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