mq-136 Gas Sensor


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1, Size: 32mm X22mm X30mm
2, the main chip: Hydrogen sulfide gas sensor probe,LM393
3, work voltage: DC 5V

4, with the signal output LED indication;
5,Dual output (analog output, and TTL level output);
6, TTL output valid signal is low; (low output signal light, which can be accessed microcontroller IO port)
7, analog output increases with the concentration, the higher the voltage the higher the concentration;
8, the hydrogen sulfide gas has a high sensitivity and selectivity

9, with a long life and reliable stability;
10, Fast response characteristics;
11, with mounting holes for easy permanent installation;
12, the probe can plug design for easy testing.

13,For the family and the environment of hazardous gas detection device, suitable for the detection of hydrogen sulfide gas, H2S gas sensors tested concentration range: 1 to 100ppm


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