NRF24L01+PA+LNA with Antenna


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This wireless Transceiver module is an easy and suitable module if you want to setup your wireless communication system with low cost!! It can achieve a good balance between wireless transition performance and cost! You can easily add it with your own MCU/ARM/PIC/AVR/STM32 system! What\’s more, this nRF24L01+ module is designed with Power amplifier and SMA antenna This allowed you to use the wireless communication up to 1000 meters! (No barrier)

Voltage: 3-3.6 V

Max. Output power: + 20 dBm

Operating current in transmission mode: 115mA

Operating current in receiver mode: 45mA

Current in mode: 4.2uA

Operating temperature: -20-70 degrees

Receiver sensitivity: -92dBm in 2 Mbps mode, -95dBm in 1 Mbps mode, -104dBm in 250 kbps mode

PA growth: 20dB

Growth LAN: 10dB

LAN noise: 2.6dB

Growth antenna: 2dBI


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