Orange Pi PC H3 1gb #875

Orange Pi PC H3 1gb

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The Orange Pi PC is one of the models in the Orange Pi single-board computer (SBC) series. It is powered by the Allwinner H3 system-on-chip (SoC) and is equipped with 1GB of RAM. This board is suitable for various DIY and maker projects and is similar to the Raspberry Pi in terms of its form factor and capabilities. Here are some key features and specifications for the Orange Pi PC H3 1GB:

1. **Processor**: Allwinner H3 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, which provides processing power for various tasks.

2. **Memory**: 1GB of DDR3 RAM (Random Access Memory) for running applications and multitasking.

3. **Storage**: It typically includes a microSD card slot for storage, allowing you to run an operating system and store your data.

4. **Connectivity**: The Orange Pi PC usually comes with onboard Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB ports for connecting to networks, peripherals, and external storage.

5. **Video Output**: HDMI output for connecting to a monitor or TV, making it suitable for multimedia and basic desktop use.

6. **Audio**: Support for audio output through the HDMI port or an onboard audio jack.

7. **USB Ports**: Multiple USB ports for connecting peripherals like keyboards, mice, and external storage devices.

8. **GPIO Pins**: General-purpose input/output (GPIO) pins for hardware interfacing and DIY projects.

9. **Operating System**: The Orange Pi PC is compatible with various operating systems, including Linux-based distributions like Armbian and other community-supported OS options.

10. **Power Supply**: It typically uses a 5V power supply with a micro-USB connector.

11. **Form Factor**: The Orange Pi PC follows a small SBC form factor similar to that of the Raspberry Pi.

The Orange Pi PC H3 1GB is suitable for a wide range of projects, including home automation, media centers, retro gaming emulation, and more. To get started with the Orange Pi PC, you’ll need to flash an operating system onto a microSD card, connect peripherals and a power supply, and then you can start using it for your desired applications. Be sure to check the official Orange Pi website or community forums for the latest documentation and software options.


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