Pigtail F to F



A Pigtail F to F is a type of coaxial cable assembly used to connect and extend cable runs for various RF (Radio Frequency) and television applications. It consists of two F-type female connectors on each end, which are commonly used in cable and satellite TV connections. The term “pigtail” typically refers to a short, flexible cable that extends from a fixed point to a device or connection point.

Key Features:

F-Type Connectors: The cable features two F-type female connectors on each end, making it suitable for connecting devices, such as set-top boxes, modems, and TVs.

Coaxial Cable: The cable itself is typically a coaxial cable, known for its ability to carry high-frequency signals while minimizing interference.

Flexible and Short: Pigtail cables are short and flexible, making them suitable for connecting devices in close proximity or for creating a bridge between connectors.

High-Frequency Capable: Designed to carry high-frequency RF signals, they are commonly used for television and satellite applications.

Standardized Connectors: The F-type connectors on each end are standardized, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and components.


Television Connections: Used to connect cable or satellite TV boxes to television sets or other devices.

Set-Top Boxes: Often employed to connect cable or satellite set-top boxes to TV or home theater systems.

Modem Connections: Used for connecting cable or DSL modems to routers or other network devices.

RF Signal Distribution: Suitable for distributing RF signals in applications where short cable runs are needed.

Testing and Troubleshooting: Useful for testing and troubleshooting RF and TV connections in home and professional installations.

Custom Cable Assembly: Can be used to create custom cable assemblies for specific RF applications.

Pigtail F to F cables are handy accessories for connecting and extending RF and TV connections, ensuring that you can create the necessary links between devices and components. Their standardized F-type connectors and short, flexible design make them practical for various home and professional applications where RF signal distribution and connectivity are crucial.


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