Pin Header Female Round 2 pcs #82


Pin Header Female Round


A “Pin Header Female Round” refers to a female pin header connector with round or circular sockets designed to accept round male pins. These connectors are widely used in electronics for making connections between components and devices. Here’s what you can expect from a “Pin Header Female Round”:

**1. Female Connector:** It is a female connector, which means it has round or circular receptacles or sockets designed to receive round male pins. These connectors provide a secure and reliable way to establish electrical connections.

**2. Round Pins:** The term “round” indicates that the pins or sockets are round or cylindrical in shape. These round pins align easily with round male pins, ensuring proper contact.

**3. Pin Count:** Pin headers come in various pin counts, ranging from a few pins to several dozen, depending on the specific application and the desired connections.

**4. Pitch:** The pitch of the pin header refers to the distance between the center of one socket to the center of the adjacent socket. Common pitch sizes include 2.54mm (0.1 inches) and 2.0mm. The pitch determines the compatibility with standard breadboards, PCBs, and connectors.

**5. Mounting:** Pin headers can be through-hole or surface-mount components. Through-hole pin headers have sockets that align with holes in a circuit board and are soldered in place, while surface-mount pin headers are soldered to the surface of the PCB.

**6. Versatility:** Pin headers are used in a wide range of applications, such as connecting to microcontroller boards, attaching displays and sensors to PCBs, and creating custom connections on prototyping boards.

**7. Multiple Rows:** Some pin headers have multiple rows of sockets, which can be useful for connecting to multi-layer PCBs or making stacked connections between boards.

**8. Polarization:** Some pin headers have polarization features (e.g., a keying slot or groove) to ensure they are inserted correctly, aligning with matching connectors or sockets.

**9. Length:** The length of the pin headers can vary, with longer sockets being suitable for specific applications where they need to extend through multiple PCB layers.

Round-pin female pin headers are commonly used for creating custom connections, interfacing with microcontroller boards, and building electronic circuits. They offer a reliable and durable means of establishing electrical connections in various electronic and electrical applications.


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