Pin Header Male Square 5pcs #933


Pin Header Male Square 5pcs

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A “pin header male square” typically refers to a male connector with square or rectangular pins designed to be inserted into a corresponding square or rectangular female socket or connector. These connectors are commonly used in electronics and electrical applications for making secure and reliable connections between circuit boards, components, and devices. Here are some key points about pin header male connectors with square pins:

1. **Male Connector**: A “pin header male” is a male connector, meaning it has protruding pins that are designed to be inserted into a female socket or connector. In the case of a “square” male connector, the pins are typically square or rectangular in shape.

2. **Square or Rectangular Pins**: The square or rectangular shape of the pins is a distinctive feature that sets this connector apart from the more common round or cylindrical pins. The shape of the pins may be designed to fit specific applications or to provide a unique form factor.

3. **Usage**: Pin header male connectors are widely used in printed circuit board (PCB) applications for connecting components such as sensors, displays, and other modules to the main circuit board. They are also used in wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, and other electronics and electrical systems.

4. **Contact Arrangement**: These connectors come with a specific number of square or rectangular pins arranged in rows and columns. The configuration and number of pins may vary based on the application and the specific connector type.

5. **Pitch**: The “pitch” refers to the distance between adjacent pins or contacts on the connector. It’s important to select a pin header male connector with the correct pitch to match the female socket or connector it will be inserted into.

6. **Mounting Options**: Pin header male connectors may be available in various mounting options, including through-hole, surface mount, or panel mount, depending on the application and PCB type.

7. **Wire Termination**: Some pin header male connectors may include wire termination options, such as solder tails, for connecting wires directly to the connector.

8. **Customization**: Manufacturers often provide customization options for pin header male connectors, allowing you to select the number of pins, pin lengths, contact plating, and other features that suit your specific needs.

When working with pin header male connectors, it’s crucial to pay attention to polarity and pin numbering to ensure proper connections. Additionally, you should select the appropriate connector that matches your application’s requirements, including pitch and the number of pins needed for your project.


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