PL2303 USB to TTL


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Product application:

1 kinds of satellite set-top box upgrade
2 router, hard disk, ADSL, broadband modem firmware upgrade or upgrade crack
3, XBOX360, GPS mobile phone serial communication, auto detection, DVD brush machine etc.
4 Shaoxie STC MCU, NXP microcontroller, Renesas MCU and NEC MCU
5 simple serial communication, super terminal in the common serial debugging tools
USB signal 6 electronic enthusiasts can be used to TTL signal

Product features:

1 using the new control chip PL2303HX, high speed stable brush machine
Has 2 500mA self recovery fuse overcurrent protection
3 set two data transmission indicator can monitor the status of data transmission
4 reserved 3.3V and 5V pin interface, different voltage power supply system need convenient brush
5 pin interface and parallel board, rather than a vertical installation and board, leads to the DuPont line convenient brush machine
The 6 circuit board with high quality transparent heat shrinkable coating, the PCB circuit and the outside into the insulating state
In order to protect the board was short circuit and burned metal, due to the use of transparent materials, so do not affect the board on the screen to watch and monitor the effect of light
7 support WIN7 system


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