Potentiometer knob type 10k 2 pcs #948


Potentiometer knob type 10k 2 pcs


A “Potentiometer knob type 10k” refers to a potentiometer (also known as a “pot”) with a resistance value of 10,000 ohms (10k ohms) and a knob or control for adjusting its position. Potentiometers are variable resistors used to control electrical signals in electronic circuits. The knob type indicates that it is equipped with a physical knob that allows the user to manually adjust the resistance setting.

Here are some key details and considerations for a potentiometer of this type:

1. **Resistance Value:** The “10k” indicates the resistance value of the potentiometer, which is 10,000 ohms or 10 kilohms. This resistance can be adjusted by turning the knob.

2. **Knob Type:** The knob on the potentiometer allows the user to vary the resistance setting by physically turning the knob. This makes it a user-friendly control element for various applications.

3. **Linear or Logarithmic:** Potentiometers can come in linear or logarithmic (audio) taper versions. Linear potentiometers provide a consistent change in resistance as the knob is turned, while logarithmic potentiometers are often used in audio applications and provide a nonlinear change.

4. **Mounting:** Potentiometers can have different mounting options, including panel mount, PCB mount, and through-hole mount. The choice of mounting method depends on the specific application and circuit.

5. **Applications:** Potentiometers are used in a wide range of applications, including volume controls in audio equipment, brightness controls in displays, tuning in radios, and many other situations where variable control of electrical signals is needed.

6. **Potentiometer Size:** The physical size of the potentiometer can vary, so it’s important to select one that fits your intended application.

7. **Terminals:** Potentiometers typically have three terminals—two outer terminals for the resistance element and one center terminal connected to the wiper that moves along the resistance element as the knob is turned.

When using a potentiometer, ensure it is compatible with the voltage and current requirements of your circuit. The knob allows you to manually adjust the resistance, which can be used to control the desired parameter in your electronic device or project.


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