DPDT HK19F 5V relay


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The “HK19F” relay is a general-purpose relay with DPDT (Double Pole, Double Throw) configuration, and it operates with a 5V control voltage. DPDT relays are versatile and used in various applications to switch two independent sets of contacts simultaneously. Here’s some information about the HK19F 5V DPDT relay:

1. **DPDT Configuration:** The DPDT relay has two sets of independent, double-throw (changeover) contacts. This means it has two separate common terminals, and each of them can be connected to one of two other terminals, allowing the relay to switch between two different circuits.

2. **Operating Voltage:** The HK19F relay operates with a 5V control voltage. This control voltage is applied to the coil of the relay to energize it and activate the switching function.

3. **Contact Rating:** The relay’s contacts have specific current and voltage ratings, and these ratings will determine the maximum electrical load the relay can handle safely. Be sure to check the datasheet for the exact specifications of the HK19F relay you are using.

4. **NO and NC Contacts:** Each of the two independent sets of contacts typically has three terminals: Normally Open (NO), Normally Closed (NC), and Common (COM). The NO contact connects when the relay is energized, while the NC contact disconnects.

5. **Applications:** DPDT relays like the HK19F are used in various applications, such as controlling motors, lights, and other electrical devices, as well as in control and automation systems.

6. **Coil Power Consumption:** The coil’s power consumption is important to consider, as it determines how much power the relay requires to stay activated. The datasheet for the relay will provide this information.

7. **Mounting:** The relay may be designed for PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mounting or for socket mounting, depending on the specific model.

8. **Latchable or Non-Latchable:** Some DPDT relays are latching, meaning they stay in the last switched state without the need for continuous power to the coil. Others are non-latching and require continuous power to maintain a specific state.

When using the HK19F 5V DPDT relay, you’ll need to provide a 5V control signal to energize the relay coil. When the coil is energized, the relay will switch its two sets of independent contacts to the desired state. These relays are commonly used in projects where you need to control multiple electrical circuits or devices with a single control signal, making them a valuable component in many electronic and control systems. Be sure to consult the relay’s datasheet for detailed specifications and wiring information specific to your model of the HK19F relay.


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