Relay DPST HK4100F #813


Relay DPST HK4100F

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The “HK4100F” is a series of electromagnetic relays, and “DPST” stands for Double Pole, Single Throw. Let’s break down the key components:

1. **Relay:** A relay is an electrically operated switch that uses an electromagnet to mechanically control the opening and closing of electrical contacts. Relays are used in a wide range of applications to control high-power circuits with low-power signals.

2. **DPST:** DPST is an acronym for “Double Pole, Single Throw.” In the context of a relay, DPST refers to the configuration of the relay’s internal switches. A DPST relay has two separate sets of contacts, each of which is a single throw. This means it can control two separate electrical circuits, and in each circuit, it can either be in an open (off) or closed (on) state.

3. **HK4100F:** “HK4100F” is the specific model or part number of the relay. The exact features and specifications of the relay, including its voltage rating, current rating, coil type, and contact materials, would be specified in the datasheet or technical documentation provided by the manufacturer for this specific relay series.

Typically, DPST relays like the HK4100F are used in applications where you need to control two separate electrical circuits with a single control signal. They are commonly used in industrial control, automation, and electrical systems for various purposes, including switching lights, motors, heaters, and other high-power devices. To use the relay effectively, it’s important to refer to the manufacturer’s documentation to understand its specific electrical ratings and characteristics.


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