RFID keychain 13.56mhz


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An “RFID Keychain 13.56MHz” is a small, portable device that uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology operating at a frequency of 13.56 megahertz (MHz). These keychains are designed to carry RFID tags that can be read by compatible RFID readers or access control systems. Here’s a description of its key features and characteristics:

1. Frequency: The 13.56MHz frequency is a common standard for RFID applications, particularly in access control, identification, and contactless payment systems.

2. RFID Technology: RFID keychains contain a passive RFID tag or transponder. This tag does not have its power source; it relies on the energy transmitted by an RFID reader to communicate.

3. Keychain Form: RFID keychains are typically designed as small, lightweight, and durable key fobs or keychain accessories. This form factor makes them easy to carry on key rings, lanyards, or in pockets.

4. Identification: Each keychain is uniquely coded with an RFID identifier, often a unique serial number, allowing it to be associated with a specific user, access control permission, or account.

5. Contactless Operation: RFID keychains are used in contactless systems, meaning you only need to bring the keychain close to the RFID reader for the system to recognize and read its RFID identifier.

6. Access Control: RFID keychains are commonly used for access control, allowing users to gain entry to secure areas or buildings by presenting their keychain to an RFID reader.

7. Authentication: They are also used for authentication purposes in applications like secure login to computers, identification in hospitals, and tracking in inventory management.

8. RFID Reader Compatibility: The keychains need to be compatible with RFID readers that operate at 13.56MHz. Such readers can be found in various access control systems, security systems, and commercial applications.

9. Durability: RFID keychains are often designed to withstand wear and tear, including exposure to moisture and physical handling.

10. Customization: Many RFID keychains can be customized with branding, colors, and labels, making them ideal for branding and identification purposes.

11. Security: RFID keychains can be integrated into secure systems, and their data transmission is encrypted for added security.

12. Multiple Uses: Besides access control and identification, RFID keychains are used in applications like public transportation ticketing, library systems, and electronic payments.

RFID keychains at 13.56MHz are versatile tools for access control, identification, and secure data transactions. They are widely used in commercial, industrial, and institutional settings where efficient and secure identification is essential.


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