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The CNY70 Reflective Optical Sensor is a compact and versatile sensor that combines an infrared (IR) emitter and a phototransistor in a single package. It is designed to detect the presence or absence of objects by measuring the amount of reflected infrared light. This sensor is widely used in a variety of applications, such as object detection, line following, and proximity sensing.

Key Features:

Reflective Sensing: The CNY70 uses infrared light to detect the presence or absence of objects by measuring the amount of light reflected off a surface.

Compact Design: It is typically available in a compact and convenient package, which includes both the IR emitter and phototransistor.

Analog Output: The sensor provides an analog output that varies based on the amount of reflected light. This output can be used for different purposes, including object detection and line following.

Sensitivity Control: Some variants of the CNY70 sensor allow for adjusting the sensitivity, which can be useful for fine-tuning its performance.

Versatile Applications: This sensor can be used in a wide range of applications, from simple object detection to more complex tasks like line following in robotics.

IR Emitter and Phototransistor: The sensor combines both an IR emitter and a phototransistor, allowing it to emit and receive IR light for sensing.


Line Following Robots: CNY70 sensors are often used in line-following robots to detect lines and follow paths.

Object Detection: Applied in applications where you need to detect the presence or absence of objects in front of the sensor.

Proximity Sensing: Used for proximity sensing in various devices, such as automatic hand sanitizers or touchless faucets.

Counting Systems: Integrated into counting systems to count the passage of objects on a conveyor belt.

Security Systems: Employed in security systems for detecting the opening or closing of doors and windows.

Industrial Automation: Used in industrial automation for detecting the position of machine parts or objects on assembly lines.

The CNY70 Reflective Optical Sensor is a versatile and widely used sensor for various reflective sensing applications. Its compact design, analog output, and sensitivity control options make it an excellent choice for object detection, proximity sensing, and many other tasks in the world of electronics and automation.


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