MQ-136 Gas Sensor


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The MQ-136 Gas Sensor is a gas detection module designed to detect a specific range of gases and air quality in various applications. This sensor is widely used in industrial, environmental monitoring, and safety systems to detect and measure the concentration of certain gases in the surrounding atmosphere.

Key Features:

Gas Detection: The MQ-136 sensor is calibrated to detect specific gases, primarily focused on hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), and methane (CH4).

Analog Output: It provides an analog output voltage signal that varies in response to changes in the concentration of the detected gas.

High Sensitivity: The sensor is known for its high sensitivity, allowing for the accurate measurement of gas concentrations.

Quick Response: The MQ-136 offers a rapid response time, making it suitable for applications where real-time gas monitoring is essential.

Stable and Reliable: It is designed for stability and long-term reliability, making it valuable for continuous monitoring systems.

Wide Operating Voltage Range: The sensor can typically operate in a wide voltage range, allowing flexibility in different power supply configurations.

Compact Design: Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to integrate into various gas detection systems.

Environmental Adaptability: The MQ-136 sensor can operate in a wide range of environmental conditions.


Industrial Safety: Used in industrial environments to monitor and detect potentially harmful gases, ensuring the safety of workers.

Environmental Monitoring: Applied in environmental monitoring systems to assess air quality and detect pollutant levels.

Gas Leak Detection: Used in gas leak detection systems for identifying gas leaks in residential or industrial settings.

Agricultural and Farming: Employed in agricultural applications to monitor gas levels in farm environments.

Indoor Air Quality: Used to assess and improve indoor air quality in homes, offices, and public spaces.

Safety Alarms: Integrated into safety alarm systems to provide early warnings of gas leaks or air quality issues.

Research and Development: Utilized in research and development projects related to gas sensing and monitoring.

The MQ-136 Gas Sensor is a valuable component for gas detection and air quality monitoring in various environments. Its ability to detect specific gases and provide reliable data makes it an essential tool for safety, environmental, and research applications where gas concentration measurement is necessary.


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