servo mg90s Metal gear


servo mg90s Metal gear

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The MG90S is a popular micro servo motor, often used in robotics, remote-control vehicles, and various other hobbyist and DIY projects. Here’s a description of the MG90S servo with metal gears:

**1. Type:** The MG90S is a micro servo motor. It’s a compact and lightweight motor designed for small-scale applications where precise and controlled movement is required.

**2. Metal Gear:** One of the key features of the MG90S is its metal gear train. The gears inside the servo are made of metal (usually brass or steel), which provides better durability and resistance to wear and tear compared to plastic gears. Metal gears are particularly useful in applications where the servo may experience high stress or load.

**3. Dimensions:** The MG90S servo is typically small in size, with dimensions of approximately 22.8mm x 12.2mm x 28.5mm.

**4. Operating Voltage:** It operates on a voltage range of 4.8V to 6V. This makes it compatible with common power sources like 4- or 5-cell NiMH or NiCd batteries and 2-cell LiPo batteries.

**5. Torque:** The MG90S servo offers a moderate amount of torque. The specific torque value can vary slightly depending on the model and manufacturer, but it’s typically in the range of 1.8 to 2.2 kg-cm (kilogram-centimeters).

**6. Speed:** The speed of the servo is also dependent on the model and manufacturer but generally falls in the range of 0.10 to 0.12 seconds per 60 degrees of rotation.

**7. Rotation:** The MG90S is a 180-degree servo, meaning it can rotate within a 180-degree range. This provides precise control over the position of the servo arm.

**8. Connector:** It typically comes with a standard 3-pin connector compatible with most servo controllers and microcontroller boards.

**9. Applications:** The MG90S servo is used in various applications such as robotics, remote-control aircraft and vehicles, model-making, camera gimbals, and many other projects requiring accurate and controlled movement.

**10. Control Interface:** You can control the MG90S servo with pulse-width modulation (PWM) signals. The servo interprets the width of the PWM signal’s pulse to determine its position.

**11. Durability:** The metal gears and solid construction of the MG90S make it more durable and resistant to wear and damage, especially in demanding or high-stress applications.

**12. Weight:** The weight of the MG90S servo is typically around 13 to 15 grams, which is quite light and suitable for small and lightweight projects.

In summary, the MG90S is a reliable and versatile micro servo motor known for its metal gear construction, which provides durability and precision in a compact and lightweight package. It’s widely used in hobbyist and maker projects, offering a cost-effective solution for applications requiring controlled motion and positioning.


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