soldering lead 1 meter diameter 0.80mm resin 2.0% grade original electroloy



The description you provided appears to be for a soldering lead or solder wire. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and specifications:

**1. Material:** This soldering lead is made from a common solder alloy known as “60/40.” The numbers 60/40 refer to the composition of the solder, indicating that it is composed of 60% tin and 40% lead. This combination is commonly used in soldering applications due to its melting point and properties.

**2. Diameter:** The solder wire has a diameter of 0.80mm. The diameter of solder wires can vary, and the choice of diameter depends on the specific soldering application and the size of components being soldered.

**3. Resin Core:** The solder wire features a resin core with a 2.0% resin content. The resin core is used for flux, which is a material that helps to clean and prepare the surfaces to be soldered. The flux facilitates the flow of solder and helps in achieving a strong and reliable solder joint.

**4. Grade:** The solder is labeled with a grade. In this case, it’s mentioned as “#60/40,” which indicates the composition of the solder alloy. This is a standard grade for solder wire and is commonly used in various soldering applications.

**5. Length:** The solder wire is described as “1 meter,” indicating that it is supplied as a 1-meter long spool or length of solder wire. The length is essential for users to cut the solder wire into suitable segments for their soldering tasks.

**6. Original Electroloy:** The mention of “original electroloy” likely refers to the brand or manufacturer of the solder wire. It signifies that the solder wire is produced by Electroloy or a brand associated with Electroloy.

**7. Soldering Applications:** This type of solder wire is suitable for a wide range of soldering applications, including electronics, electrical work, circuit board assembly, and general-purpose soldering tasks. The 60/40 composition offers a good balance between melting point and ease of use, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced solderers.

In summary, the soldering lead you described is a 60/40 tin-lead solder wire with a 0.80mm diameter and a 2.0% resin core. It is a versatile solder wire commonly used in electronics, electrical, and general soldering applications. The provided length of 1 meter indicates the quantity of solder wire supplied in a single spool.


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