SSR 40a AA


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1. High reliability, high efficiency and long lifespan
2. No electric spark, no noise and no contact
3. Fine electro magnetic interference, high sensitivity and fast switching speed
4. Low drive voltage and current
5. Unique shape and novel structure
6. Especially suitable for corrosion, moisture, dust resistant and other harsh environments
7. Widely used in many automatic control systems

Scope of application
Industrial automation
Electric furnace heating
Stage light control
medical instruments
Computer peripheral connection
AC motor control
Automatic fire control and safety system
Street lights, signal lights, traffic lights, etc.

Type: SSR-40AA
Output Current: 40A
Input: AC 80-250V
Output: AC 24-380V
Control Current: DC3-25mA
On voltage: ≤1.5V
Off Leakage Current: ≤2mA
On-off Time: ≤10ms
Dielectric Strength: 2500VAC
Insulation Resistance
: 1000M/500VDC
Ambient Temperature: -30~+75°
Mounting Methods: Bolting
The work instructions: LED
Size: 6.25x4x2.3cm/2.46×1.57×0.91inch


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