SYD1230 650mn Laser Line Module


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The “SYD1230 650nm Laser Line Module” is a specialized optical module that emits a laser beam in the form of a line at a wavelength of 650 nanometers (nm). These laser line modules are used in various applications, including alignment, positioning, measurement, and laser visualization. Here’s a description of its key features and characteristics:

**1. Wavelength:** The laser line module emits laser light at a specific wavelength of 650nm, which falls within the visible red spectrum.

**2. Laser Line Projection:** The primary function of this module is to project a laser line onto a surface. The line is used for visual alignment, leveling, or positioning purposes.

**3. Laser Diode:** The module is equipped with a laser diode as the light source, which is designed to emit a narrow and coherent beam of laser light.

**4. Optics:** Laser line modules typically include optical components such as lenses and prisms to shape and project the laser light into a straight and precise line.

**5. Focus and Adjustment:** Some laser line modules allow for focus and alignment adjustments to control the width, length, and orientation of the projected laser line.

**6. Power Supply:** These modules are powered by a low-voltage power source, often around 3-5 volts DC, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

**7. Mounting Options:** Laser line modules often have mounting features or brackets that facilitate their installation and alignment in various settings.

**8. Applications:** They are used in applications like construction, industrial machinery alignment, woodworking, 3D scanning, robotics, and many others where precise alignment or positioning is required.

**9. Safety:** Laser safety measures should be taken when working with laser line modules, as laser light can be harmful to the eyes. Some modules include safety features like interlock switches to prevent accidental exposure.

**10. Visibility:** The 650nm wavelength falls within the red part of the visible spectrum, making the laser line easily visible to the human eye.

**11. Precision:** These modules provide a high degree of precision, making them useful for tasks that require accurate alignment and measurement.

The SYD1230 650nm Laser Line Module is a valuable tool in various industrial and research applications where precise line projection and alignment are required. It simplifies tasks that involve leveling, alignment, and positioning, reducing the margin of error and enhancing overall accuracy.


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