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A “Tact switch 4-pin” is a type of tactile switch, also known as a momentary push-button switch, that has four pins for electrical connections. Tactile switches are commonly used in electronics and various devices to provide tactile feedback when pressed. The four pins are used for making electrical connections to the switch. Here’s a brief overview of a 4-pin tact switch:

1. **Tactile Switch:** Tact switches are typically small, push-button switches that make momentary electrical contact when pressed. They are used in a wide range of applications, such as on-off buttons, control panels, keyboards, and more.

2. **Four Pins:** The four pins on the switch are used for connecting it to an electronic circuit. The pins are usually arranged in two pairs, with each pair connected internally. One pair is for the normally open (NO) connection, and the other pair is for the normally closed (NC) connection.

3. **Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC):** Tact switches have two possible states: normally open and normally closed. In the normally open state, the switch’s contacts are not connected, and they make a connection only when the switch is pressed. In the normally closed state, the contacts are connected by default, and they break the connection when the switch is pressed.

4. **Mounting:** Tact switches are typically mounted on printed circuit boards (PCBs) or on the surface of devices. They are often used in applications where users need to press a button to perform a specific function, like making a selection or turning a device on or off.

5. **Tactile Feedback:** Tact switches are designed to provide a tactile “click” or “snap” feel when pressed, giving the user feedback that the switch has been actuated.

6. **Soldering:** The pins of a 4-pin tact switch can be soldered to the PCB or device to establish electrical connections. Proper soldering ensures a secure and reliable connection.

7. **Variety:** Tact switches come in various sizes and shapes, and they can have different actuation forces, actuation distances, and lifecycles. The specific characteristics of the switch may vary based on its intended application.

4-pin tact switches are commonly used in consumer electronics, including remote controls, calculators, and keypads, as well as in various industrial and commercial devices. They offer a convenient and reliable way to provide user input and control in electronic devices.


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