Tcrt5000 Sensor Only




Sensing Distance: 12mm

Operating Wavelength: 950 mm

Package Height: 7 mm

Sensing Method: Reflective Reverse

Voltage: 5V Forward Current: 60mA

Forward Surge Current: 3A

Emitter Power Dissipation: 100mW

Collector Emitter Voltage: 70V

Emitter Collector Voltage: 5V

Collector Current: 100mA

Detector Power Dissipation: 100mW

Sensor Total Power Dissipation: 200mW

Operating Temperature: -25°C ~ +85°C

Brand new and high quality. Compact construction, sense the presence of an object by using the reflective IR beam from the object Consist of a phototransistor Snap-in construction for PCB mounting Plastic polycarbonate housing construction which reduces crosstalk Applications: Position sensor for shaft encoder Detection of reflective materials such as paper, IBM cards, magnetic tapes, etc Limit switch foe mechanical motions in VCR General purpose – wherever the space is limited Specifications:


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