Thermocouple with MAX6675 Module


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1.Working voltage: DC5V
2, Operating Current: 50mA
3, the temperature measuring range: -200°C – 1300 °C [Test procedure for 0-1023 °C]
4, the temperature measurement accuracy: ± 1.5 °C
5, the temperature resolution: 0.25 °C
6, the output mode: SPI digital signal
7, with a fixed mounting holes for easy fixed installation.
8, storage temperature: -50 ~ 150 °C
9, the module weight: 4g
10, module size: 25mm 15mm 13mm
This module is only for reference routines and instructions, please note left after shoot-mail or contact sales technical hair item.

Package Included:

MAX6675 Module + K Type Thermocouple Thermocouple Sensor


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