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(Note: Sensor probe top is not waterproof, do not immerse in use)
Product Brief
Sensor detection mode: the sensor is placed in the clean water of NTU < 0.5 for testing, and the voltage output is V = 4.1 + 0.3V!
The more dirty the water, the smaller the voltage output!
The turbidity sensor uses optical principle to synthetically judge the turbidity of the solution by measuring the transmittance and scattering rate of the solution, so as to achieve the purpose of detecting water quality. Inside the sensor is an infrared tube. When light passes through a certain amount of water, the amount of light transmission depends on the degree of water pollution. The more dirty the water is, the less light it transmits.
The sensor can be used to measure the water pollution degree of washing machine, dishwasher, fish tank and other products. The cleanliness of the solution can be judged by measuring the turbidity of the water, and the optimum water exchange time can be determined to reduce energy consumption and save water. It can also be used for river, sewage measurement, clarifier detection and water quality research, etc.
The sensor provides two output modes: analog signal and digital signal. It can be directly connected to the Arduino Extension, simple and practical.
Product specification
Working Voltage: 5VDC
Working current: 40mA (MAX)
Response time: <500ms
Insulation Resistance: 100M (Min)
Output mode:
Analog output: 0-4.5V
Digital output: high/low level signal (corresponding threshold can be selected by adjusting potentiometer)
Operating temperature: – 30 ~80 C
Storage Temperature: – 10 ~80
Weight: 30g
Transfer plate size: 38mm28mm10mm
Specification of water turbidity sensor (connection with adapter board is fool terminal, no mistake)


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